Surfing with glasses

April 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Last year I went for a surfing lesson, out of curiosity, just to give a try to something a bit exotic for someone coming from a country without any sea coast.
I’m shortsighted (-3.75 + cylinder), and that time I had two options – go without glasses, or use goggles for diving with dioptric lenses I have. I could not (and still cannot) image doing it without seeing clearly, so I used diving goggles – of course I could not beathe well, and looked rather ridiculous, but I had more or less good vision 🙂

In December, I decided to go for a surfing course again sometime in the spring, but this time I wanted to have a better solution for seeing well. I came across opinions like to surf without glasses, or with contacts. WTF.
There are several brands of sport glasses, discussed on surfing forums. Some prefer SeaSpecs, some Oakley or others, there is no clear winner.

One the surfglasses maker is Silverfish, which I chose because:
* they offer international shipping (by default; maybe others would do too on request)
* they have very helpful comparison chart to help you which glasses you should get
* I’d found positive review on their Whistler glasses (
* you can pay with Paypal

I went for Whistler frame too. Guys at Silverfish were superfast with both production and shipping after I asked them to. Really, thank you!

As a backup, I took swimmimg goggles with me for the course. I was a bit scared of loosing these not quite cheap glasses at the beggining. I started with strap fixed pretty tight. But in a very short time I gained absolute confidence and stopped worrying completely. Sincerely.

I’m very satisfied the glasses. The frame fits very good on my head (not perfectly but very good indeed). Surfing with glasses? For me – problem solved.

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